Great win



Great win today men. You tackled with conviction…and that is why you won the game.

It takes commitment, both physically and mentally to tackle a bigger or faster man, and you delivered both.

It takes heart to play through the bumps and bruises of a rugby game. That is why rugby is the most demanding sport on the world.

I played many years…and there was no where in the world that I would rather be on game day than on a rugby field. Giving every once of energy that I had for my team, my jersey, and myself.

You should be proud that “you” chose this game. Or perhaps the game chose you; knowing you had the strength, the speed, the stamina to withstand 60 minutes of complete physical exertion. Knowing you had the compassion to support your team mates when the game is on the line, to sprint when your legs are burning, to tackle when your body is aching, to get back up into the next line of defense when your lungs are begging for oxygen…and another waive of ball carriers are coming. I saw it many times. Yeah, you did that my friend. You did it.

The coaches are extremely proud of the incredible players that you have all turned into.

Congrats on a great season…and a great day.

One more game.

One more game.

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