Player Positions


Incredible practice tonight!!! As a refresher, we covered:

1. Passing – remember to put the ball in front of the receiver
2. Two on One and Three on Two – remember to fix the defender by running at him
3. Tackling – remember tackle below the waist, and keep your head to the “side” of the ball carrier (not in front)
4. Defensive formation – remember A,B,C and defend from the “inside out”

On Thursday, we will start assigning positions. If you don’t know what position you want to play, watch this video:

Players are grouped into either “forwards” or “backs”.

The “forwards” are typically the bigger, stronger players. If you played offensive or defensive line in football, you might be a good forward.

The “backs” are typically good passers, have good ball skills, are elusive and fast runners, and have the ability to kick. If you played RB, WR, QB or CB in football, you might be a good back.

If you played LB or Safety in football, you could be either a forward or back.

Try to watch a New Zealand All Black game on YouTube before Thursday so you know which position you want to play.

Don’t worry if you are still not sure what position you should play, we will assign positions that best utilize your abilities!!!

We will have another special surprise on Thursday…see you then!!!

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