Team update and more!!!


I wanted to give everyone an update on many fronts:

There is no practice next Tue & Thu. Enjoy the turkey!

We’ve had an incredibly busy few weeks behind the Wando Rugby scenes!!! We just ordered the warm-up jackets, pants and gym bags for the new players (and those who outgrew theirs)!!! Both are being embroidered as we speak. After we hand them out, if you want your name on them, see the “embroidery” News item on the Team App for details.

We also ordered the t-shirts, rugby shorts, rugby socks…which all players will get as part of their dues!!!

And….here’s your special Thanksgiving treat: We also ordered every player a “practice jersey”. They are really cool!!! We are hoping/expecting players will wear them to practice. They will stand-up better to “tackling” than a typical t-shirt; I’m sure our moms will appreciate that! They also allow us to split into two “different colored” teams while running drills. Best of all, you can wear them to school and look amazing! They are yours to keep!

All this gear will be given out at a future practice…once they arrive….most likely mid-Dec.

We also ordered our new “maroon” colored game jerseys (sorry, you don’t get to keep those :).

Many thanks to all those who paid your team dues and provided your various apparel sizes to make this happen!!

Also, special thanks to all our Corporate Sponsors and Game Ball Sponsors who helped keep our costs down. I will send out a list of sponsors shortly.

If you haven’t already, kindly pay your team dues on the Team App…and…register on USA Rugby this weekend. To recap, new player dues are $100, while returning player dues are $40. USA Rugby registration is $80 for all players.

Details are on

Our first game is written in “jello” for mid-Jan…but we are still working on the schedule. After that, the games will come hot and heavy. We hope to have some concrete details in a few weeks.

Don’t forget to enable “push notifications” on your phone so you can receive these messages. I’m hoping to turn off the duplicate emails after everyone has their phone setup properly.

Lastly, for the rest of the season, remember to bring both your MOUTH GUARD and WATER to every practice. We are doing some intense physical activity…and both are required.

See you at practice on Tue Nov 29!

Thanks for being awesome!
Coach Shep